Holy Cross Church Daventry

. To be a Beacon of Love & Light to all .

Sermons from Advent Sunday 2019

July 2020  Full services recorded Via zoom (Audion only)

26th July 2020 Trinity 7                                              Service Booklet
19th July 2020 Trinity 6               No Service available due to  technical issues 
12th July 2020 Moving Forward with God              Service Booklet
5th July 2020 Trinity 4                                                Service Booklet

June 2020  Full services recorded Via zoom (Audion only)

28th June 2020                                                             Service Booklet
21st June 2020                                                               Service Booklet    
14th June 2020 A Service of Lament                         Service Booklet
7th June 2020 Trinity Sunday                                    Service Booklet

May 2020   Full services recorded Via zoom (Audion only)

31st May 2020  (Pentecost)                                           Service Booklet
24th May 2020  (7th Sunday after Easter)                 Service Booklet
17th May 2020  (6th Sunday after Easter)                 Service Booklet
10th May 2020  (5th Sunday after Easter)                 Service Booklet
3rd May 2020  (4th Sunday after Easter)                  Service Booklet

April 2020  Full services recorded behind closed doors

26th April 2020  (3rd Sunday after Easter)                 Service Booklet
19th April 2020  (2nd Sunday after Easter)                 Service Booklet           
12th April 2020  (Easter Day)                                         Service Booklet
10th April 2020 Good Friday                    (this will take you to the Good friday page)    
 9th April 2020 (Maundy Thursday)                             Service Booklet     
5th April 2020 (Palm Sunday)                                        Service Booklet                

March 2020

29th March 2020 5th Sunday in Lent)       Please see weekly bulletin for Homily
22nd March 2020 (Mothering Sunday)     Full service recorded behind closed doors
15th March 2020 (3rd Sunday in Lent)                       Mike Block
8th March 2020 (2nd Sunday in Lent)                        Jo Browning  
1st March 2020 (1st Sunday in Lent)                           Rev. Dawn Stokes

February 2020

26th February (Ash Wednesday)                                   No Sermon recorded
23rd February 2020 (Sunday before Lent)                 Rev. Dawn Stokes 
16th February 2020 (2nd Sunday before Lent)          Mark Lane (Reader)
9th February 2020 (3rd Sunday before Lent)            Wendy Scales, Parable Puppets
2nd February 2020 (Candlemas)                                  Rev. Dawn Stokes  

January 2020

26th January 2020 (Epiphany 3)                                 Rev. Dawn Stokes 
19th January 2020 (Epiphany 2)                                  Rev. Dawn Stokes 
5th January 2020 (Epiphany)                                       John Kidney (Reader)
12th January 2020 (Baptism of Christ)                       Rev. Dawn Stokes

December 2019

29th December (1st Sunday after Christmas)            Rev. Dawn Stokes
25th December (Christmas Day)                                  Rev. Dawn Stokes
24th December (Christmas Eve) Midnight Mass      Rev. Dawn Stokes
22nd December (Fourth Sunday of Advent)              Ven. Rev.Richard Ormston
15th December (Third Sunday of Advent)                  Mark Lane (Reader)
8th December (Second Sunday of Advent)                    Jo Browning
1st December (Advent Sunday)                                     Jan Collins