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        Daventry Area Baby Project

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The Family of Christ at Holy Cross support this fantastic project, please consider knitting items (if you are lucky enough to be able to knit) or consider buying something when you are shopping.


THE AIM AND PURPOSE of the project is to support babies born into challenging situations wherever they may be. It has become an expression of God's

Baby bath

 love in action to all touched by it. The project receives "good neighbourly" requests on behalf of new born babies from our trusted supporters, clergy, 6 midwives, our local churches, local schools, foodbank and even artistic and quilting friends in the USA. They are our ears and eyes in responding to the needs around us. This project was founded in December 2013 and since then over 200 and more families have been supported.

e.g. A pregnant mother who worked in the cold outside a local supermarket until two weeks before her son's arrived. The project celebrates all births irrespective of status, circumstance and ethnic background.

THE BABY PROJECT COMMUNITY includes volunteers who share their many talents and consist of private individuals, members of the local churches in Daventry and the villages, local schools, and various groups within the local community. They enjoy volunteering their professional expertise and their craft skills for the benefit of newborn babies (Their age range is from 7 through the teens and into the 90+).

We also receive monetary donations.



• BABY BATHS, always full to the brim, help us to come alongside and celebrate each special birth in a spirit of God's unconditional love.
• BABIES IN NEED FUND of up to £50 meets the special needs identified by professionals.
• Local Mums who give birth over the Christmas and Easter season receive a SMALL GIFT AND CHRISTIAN CARD made by us.,

• Teaching resources for parenting and training Mum's in their teens
• 2-in-1 sterilisers
• Knitted premature baby clothes
• Memory blankets for the stillborn
• Incubator quilts and blankets

CHARITY SUPPORT We have sent donations to this sample of charities, especially at Christmas time, over the years. Knit for peace, Bliss (a charity that supports premature babies) UNICEF, WaterAid (for pregnant Mothers abroad) and the Children's Society