Holy Cross Church Daventry

. To be a Beacon of Love & Light to all .

MidWeek Reflection

27th May 2020 Deena Johnson

 On May 21st Hugh and I took the opportunity to join in the conference call, set up by Rev’d Dawn, enabling us to be part of Morning Prayer together.  This was a welcome time of shared Morning Prayerprayer, praise and thanksgiving.  Regrettably we were the only participants this first time, but because we feel it is a blessing to have this opportunity to worship along with others, we hope it won’t be the last.  So, we prayerfully wish that more of us will join together, via the telephone line on future Thursday mornings at 10am.  All that is required is your telephone and perhaps your Bible.


We found it of value to us in several ways.  If you are, like ourselves, unable to receive the midweek and Sunday worship from the internet source, it presents an opportunity – ours/yours to join together with Rev’d Dawn leading and guiding our thoughts and prayers.

If, like myself, you are not a ‘techy’ it is worry and frustration free as access is very straight forward using the three easy steps as telephoneoutlined in the bulletin.

There is no expensive phone commitment as cost wise it remains at your usual rate.

We found Morning Prayer to be an up to date, meaningful and fully pertinent worship time offering an important opportunity to remain part of the close, worshipping community of Holy Cross even if physically apart at present.


I was struck, as often in the mornings by the words of the hymn:

 ‘New every morning is the love

our waking and uprising prove’

This was a time to appreciate and respond to these more.

This added opportunity is another of the several made available by Rev’d Dawn and the Ministry Team to keep us informed and spiritually nourished.  Thanks to them for their hard work and I’m sure that all who grasp the opportunities offered will join with us.


A significant prayer today, thanked God for the committed effort of those responsible for the continuing work and further of the Church in Daventry.  Those with particular ministries and responsibilities are responding to the extra challenges and tasks to keep us informed, encouraged and spiritually fed whilst we are dispersed so to speak.  It did, however raise the thought ‘what of us, the rest of Holy Cross congregation?  Those of us without particular responsibilities or tasks.  How are we progressing in our spiritual lives and responding to our faith without physically meeting together, feeling the joy of worshipping together and then going out into the community with responsibility and purpose?  It’s possible that despite the excellent contact offered through the bulletin, internet services and contact from the Ministry Team, we may feel somehow separated and adrift, and be anxious that we as pew members may not have a contribution to make or are not doing sufficient to support, add to and reflect the Church in the community.  With time our of our usual church routine we are offered a chance to challenge the review and consider how we understand and use the teaching received and the messages and commands of God we sing of and put them into practice in our own personal ministry.


I believe we own as much a valid contribution and active part in taking out and demonstrating Christian love and care and displaying the nurturing face of the Church as anyone specifically tasked.  This is our interaction with others and can be so significant.  I remember this simple but powerful observation: that we may all touch someone in some special way but may never know the outcome of this.  What matters is, in my understanding, is that at that time, through us, God came closer to them.  It’s good to know we can all grasp God’s opportunities for ministry in whatever way he charges us.


Thanks are due to all ministry and let us appreciate our chances whilst away from our church community to demonstrate that same personal commitment to God and his commands, to the Holy Spirit who calls us to action in our lives in ways each of us is able.

As has been quoted:

‘the Church of which we are members is not defined by 

the walls of a building but by the 

Body of Christ of which we are members’.


May our prayer be that we keep this at the forefront of our minds now and in the future.