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Lent and Easter 2021


Lent is a time of preparation, it is normally a time for giving up something we enjoy for the 6 weeks. Just as Christ fasted in the desert for forty days, and was tempted, our abstinence for  the same length of time is a symbolic recognition of all Christ went through.  It also helps us to prepare for the biggest feast day in the Church's calendar, Easter Day,

 Over the past few years it has become common practice to take something else on instead of giving something up,  so this year we encourage you not to take on or give up anything but to just find a bit more time to be with God.

Lent is a time for Study, prayer and self examination

At Holy Cross we are holding our Lent Course over Zoom.  If you would like to join us please contact us for the zoom link.  To contact us please contact us by clicking here

This year, The Right Reverend Donald Alistair, Lord Bishop of Peterborough has put together a series of talks on Hebrews

These can be found by clicking on the links below

A study guide is now ready. Please e-mail Joanne Gibson if you would like a copy.

NB: It will be best to download these files onto PCs/laptops/tablets, rather than mobile phones.

1. Jesus – greater than religion (ch 1–3)Download session 1 video files
 Download session 1 audio files
2. Jesus – a great high priest (ch 4–5)Download session 2 video files
 Download session 2 audio files
3. Jesus – made perfect (ch 6–7)Download session 3 video files
 Download session 3 audio files
4. Jesus – mediator of a new covenant
(ch 8–9)
Download session 4 video files
 Download session 4 audio files
5. Jesus – a finished work (ch 10)Download session 5 video files
 Download session 5 audio files
6. Something better – by faith (ch 11)Download session 6 video files
 Download session 6 audio files
7. Looking to Jesus (ch 12–13)Download session 7 video files
 Download session 7 audio files